PURPOSE: How to evaluate, execute, analyse and differentiate the data is the biggest deal in today’s world, to put forth all the possibilities in which data can be handheld “CELONIS” a tool came up with the newest portals with which a bulk of data can be processed in few minutes and resulted with accurate values.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: To all people who deal with statistical data in any business field.


TECHNOLOGY: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

KEYWORDS: Monitoring, Process mining, Task mining, IBC, KPI, etc.


“Process Mining” is to analyze data from various business applications to understand the processes.

Celonis has provided 5 portals to log in to their web services to explore the tool.

They are:

  1. Celonis IBC
  2. Celonis snap
  3. Training portal
  4. Partner portal
  5. Celonis for consulting

As we have discussed it deals with the business application data, applications can be SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, ERP, CRM, etc.

As celonis analyze the business process using machine learning, this is also called as “Intelligent Business Cloud”(IBC).

Celonis mainly deals with 4 types of applications such as:

  1. Process Analytics
  2. Action Engine
  3. Transformation Centre
  4. Event Collection
  5. App Store
  1. Process Analysis:


The process flow is designed based on the “DIGITAL FOOTPRINT”.

Digital footprint consists of the above 3 components.

  • Activity is the action that has to perform in a process flow.
  • Time is the information about points & times that are conducted.
  • ID is about the object id on which it has to be executed.

For example:

Consider D-Mart services.

Every time order is received information &data is stored. Once everything gathered PMT (Process Mining Technology) uses these footprints to create transparency of flows

This is universally used anywhere to implement process flows.

Celonis allows to derive different process patterns and identify deviations.

All these variants are linked to a powerful “Analytics Engine” to calculate KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to analyze throughput time.

2. Action Engine:

This is the newest part of celonis IBC, it lets people turn business improvement opportunities into actions.

This can be implemented in various scenarios such as

  • Order to cash
  • Purchase to pay
  • It service management

To handle customer orders users can easily update transient time

In IT management services can be redirected to the respective person with a single click.
Directly communicates with human as well robot
Executes actions across many applications
Many advantages of ML & AI

3. Event Collection:

This is used to collect the data from different systems to celonis.

Here we can connect to a different database, generally 2 types of connections

  • On-Premise Extractors (SAP, Database, SAP Hana, Bamboo)
  • Cloud Extractors (Salesforce, Service now, Automation Anywhere, Ui-Path)

Once the connection is made all the data is analyzed and process flows are created.

This gathers all the digital footprints and does process flows.

4. Transformation Centre:

One can set Objectives by using KPIs.

By tracking important KPI’s transformation, shows how your business develops and where it should improve.

5. Machine Learning:

One can create new apps with help of AI &ML

Also, bots can be scheduled as per requirement, to make them unattended

6. App Store:

So using celonis one can

Remove friction from processes like

  • Purchase to pay
  • Order to cash
  • Customer Service
  • IT Service Management
  • Supply chain
  • Manufacturing &Production

Discover how processes run

Enhance the process with AI intelligence

Monitor process improvements over time

REFERENCES: Refer to the link for terms and conditions of celonis



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