Planning Capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud

Planning Capabilities of SAP Analytics cloud Purpose of the article: This Article explains about Planning capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud. Intended Audience: who has background knowledge of Planning. Tools and Technology: SAP Analytics cloud. Keywords: Planning, Forecasting, Modelling, Version, Predictive Analysis, KPI, Allocation, Simulation, Data. Introduction A new cloud-based planning tool is being developed by SAP. SAP Analytics Cloud […]

Configuring SAP Analytics Cloud SAML with Different Identity Provider (IdP)

Purpose of the article: This article is to explain about SAML functionality by configuration of SAC SAML with Different Identity Provider. Intended Audience: SAP Administrators, SAP Developers. Tools and Technology: SAP Analytics Cloud, Azure cloud, Microsoft Adfs. Keywords: Identity provider, SAML, SSO, Metadata, Integration, configuration, Analytics Cloud. Introduction Identity provider (IdP) saves and authenticates Identity that Users need logging […]

Journals in SAP BPC Consolidation

INTRODUCTION Journals are used to make necessary data adjustments in the database. Posting of Journals is performed at Month-end/Quarter End. A Journal is used to Identify the Transactions. Journals are also called a running list of business Transactions. For each Journal, there are two entries i.e., Debit and Credit. The following Steps will explain details […]

Balance Carry Forward in SAP BPC Consolidation

INTRODUCTION Generally, Balance Carry forward is used in consolidation to carry forward the closing balances of year-end to the current year. The first task of the new fiscal year is to carry forward the closing balances of the prior year to the current year. This article will see details of following. Dimensions and Models used […]