Intelligent Quality Engineering
Produce lucrative and sustainable products aligned to business needs

Ensuring Quality of the Highest Order for Continual Success

The global market today is dominated by cognitive technologies transforming traditional business functions rapidly. The future of quality control will determine which organization leads the market through adopting emerging technologies, agility in testing, and enterprise automation.

MOURI Tech offers a comprehensive spectrum of Intelligent Quality Engineering (IQE) services by merging deep industry expertise with digital technologies. Our end-to-end mix of quality testing, engineering, assurance, enterprise automation, QA transformation, and performance support services enable enterprises to deliver higher-quality, cost-efficient, and scalable solutions to clients.

Test Advisory & Consulting

Metrics driven framework, Standard processes, resource optimization, adherence to regulatory compliance sustaining the business reputation resulting in improved returns on investments

Testing COE Set up

Standardized processes and workflows, enabling governance framework, focus on near-zero-defect scenarios, repository management and resource management

Test Quality Measures

Metrics and dashboards, effective strategy and planning, risk analysis, cyclomatic complexity, adopting best practices in each stage of test life cycle

IQE Service Offerings: The Future of Quality Control

Taking the AI/ML fueled Automation-First approach

Core QA

Leverage Core testing and QA services to assess existing landscape and plan a transformation strategy

Test Advisory

Transform to high maturity organization through a roadmap including assess, measure, define, design and continuous improvement

Digital Assurance

Get comprehensive bouquet of assurance services to validate the right digital transformation for business of all shapes and sizes

Technology Transformation

Bring in various types of digitization to the business processes to enhance performance, time-to-market, and overall security

Robotic Process Automation

Automate processes and enable a more agile, productive, and high compliance business environment

AI-based QE & Specialized QA

Expend the power of AI, NLP, ML, mobility, cloud, big data, etc., to upscale into a future-ready enterprise

Performance Testing and Engineering Centre of Excellence (CoE): A Step Ahead

Attain Competitive Edge in the Market Through MOURI Tech’s Intelligent QE


Test automation improves lower regression time and improve time-to-market with substantial cost savings on a long-term basis

WorkSoft Automation

Power of Worksoft automation with MOURI Tech’s deep expertise in leading packaged solutions like SAP for a diverse industry scenario


RPA, digital transformation services, ERP, CRM, etc., help mitigate current testing challenges


An end-to-end automated platform offering robust exploratory testing, risk-based testing, continuous load testing and service virtualization

Testing Made Agile and Intelligent to Achieve Performance at Scale

DataGen - Test Data Generator
Smart Analytics for Quality Engineering (SAQE)
Automation Accelerator
PERF workLOAD Framework

Expertise in Testing Tools

MOURI Tech Value Proposition

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Improved test coverage via parallel testing capabilities
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Overall effort reduction via integrated dashboards
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Faster setup of environments with automatic testing
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Improvement of quality and security via scalable testing model


Quality Assurance to Intelligent Quality Engineering –
A Paradigm Shift

Leading Organization from USA Leverages Test Automation Services from MOURI Tech

Quality Services from MOURI Tech Helped a Manufacturing Company  Reduce Time to Market

Leverage MOURI Tech’s Intelligent Quality Engineering Grow Business Faster and Mature Digitally