Accelerating Data-driven Decisions with Snowflake

For decades, the fundamental drivers of economic growth have been technological innovation. These general-purpose technologies create profitable new business models for businesses to thrive and grow. The two most important forces driving these technologies are organizational data and analytics that help companies make quality decisions and improve customer experience.

Even though a few organizations make decisions at the right level using multiple data sources in different business units, they often complain about broken decision-making processes and data silos. Most of them lack a common data language that is integrated and centralized. Legacy data systems are inefficient in integrating real-time market and third-party data. Unifying the data ecosystem allows organizations to generate new insights and help them achieve operational efficiency and improve productivity.

Modernizing data is essential in fashioning industry-wise innovation. Well-developed, cloud-based platforms centralize business information and help organizations manage key information priorities. These platforms have separate computing and storage of datasets to scale up or down the environment as needed and provide even more process and cost efficiencies.

As a seasoned Snowflake services partner, MOURI Tech has advanced capabilities in elevating data migrations to the next-generation platform. Together, we offer the complete spectrum of cloud services and data cloud to democratize data access and analytics in organizations, breaking down the silos that prevent collaboration. We simplify the migration process with added security features at each layer, boosting bottom and top lines of business with added advantages like reduced costs, expanded capabilities, and accelerated deployment.

Ensuring data quality and aligning it to business practices during a transformation process is critical. MOURI Tech’s data migration accelerator DFast helps organizations fast-track the migration journey from SAP S/4 HANA or any other SAP solution to a Snowflake data warehouse with impacted business results. It helps in real-time data synchronization through seamless connectors and automated ETL processes allowing organizations to derive the greatest value from the modern data warehouse. DFast provides a jumpstart for the cloud data migration journey reducing efforts by 30%.

American Tire Distributors, a large US-based tire distributor, wanted to update the data platform ecosystem for several business-critical reasons and improve customer experience. The primary concerns were:

  • Increased data volume
  • Limited accessibility of information
  • Limited scalability
  • Higher cost in maintaining traditional business analytics

They identified data migration and modernization leveraging cloud technology as the key enablers for business resiliency and cost-effectiveness. MOURI Tech assisted the client with cloud data migration and enabled business operations with improved agility and resiliency. The consultants migrated terabytes of data for history and future real-time load and increased agility, availability, and scalability throughout the cloud architecture. All of these efforts helped ATD transition into a data-driven organization. Learn more about ATD’s data migration journey from the on-demand fireside chat, where industry experts from ATD, Snowflake and MOURI Tech discuss ATD’s journey from legacy data systems to a modern cloud data platform.

If you are looking for rapid transformation to the Snowflake environment, contact MOURI Tech to execute it effectively and meet business objectives.

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