From Customer Experience to Enterprise Experience

Do you recall when you were impressed with just the product and its price? Well, these factors aren’t enough anymore.

With changing times, the focus of businesses has transitioned from within the organization towards the customers. Access to information and awareness of products and services they consume with numerous options to choose from has resulted in this revolution. Simultaneously, the ubiquitous influence of digital businesses now redefines excellent customer experience (CX) as connected, personalized, and seamless.

Corporate Strategy and Customer Experience

Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management Best Practices Study presents an exciting discovery that businesses treating customer experience management as a significant determinant of corporate strategy achieve more substantial business results than those that consider CX merely as a subset of corporate strategy. For every business, gaining customer attention is a relentless pursuit. Hence, when it comes to providing exceptional CX, enterprises face immense competition in the face of innovation and technology advancements.

Importance of Improving Digital Customer Experience

A well-designed digital customer experience framework can make a big difference in a company’s bottom line. Good customer experience leads to improved brand value, reputation, better social media reviews and fewer customer complaints.

  • Besides, brands need to boost CX to Ensure customers do not change brands due to poor customer service
  • Offer personalized services to ensure customer delight and increase the lifetime value of customers, and
  • Customer-centric brands are known to make more profits
  • It’s never too late to join the customer experience trend. Here are some noteworthy CX best practices that will gain more traction in the years ahead.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Automation is the way of the future. Companies are implementing AI-based chatbots to cover gaps in the technical and operational functions. These bots are becoming more prevalent in digital customer service and can provide 24/7 assistance, handle enormous call volumes, and speed up resolutions, making CX smooth and efficient.

Encouraging Self-Service

Here is an interesting CX statistic — Up to 75% of consumers are happy to solve problems through do-it-yourself skills. The self-service approach is rising because modern consumers have at their disposal numerous information sources to get product/service awareness and actively fix issues through FAQs, guides, interactive videos, and knowledge bases etc. When businesses can resolve customer issues with minimal service interruption, it upgrades CX, is economical time-saving, and improves business value.


Customers value transparency in data, pricing, products and are more aware of the information they share and utilize due to increased hacks and frauds. Thus, businesses need to be transparent with customer data usage, seek permission, and keep them informed about why the information is necessary for enhanced service. Such practices help to build and maintain brand trust, as well as improve customer loyalty.


Hyper-personalization goes beyond simply knowing your customers’ preferences. According to recent research, personalized marketing has resulted in a 20–30% increase in sales, and 80 percent of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that leverages this approach. The goal is to take real-time action based on these data points. It enables organizations to leverage data and analytics to provide truly engaging customer experiences through timely services personalized for each individual.

Go Mobile

With an average consumer spending close to three hours on the smartphone every day on activities other than voice calls, business owners need to make sure they offer a smooth mobile experience. This can include a seamless interface, easy-to-navigate pages, safe payment gateways, and images that present well on a small screen.

Leveraging Social Media

On the one hand, enterprises foresee digital transformation as a chance to boost that crucial human connection with their customers. On the other hand, customers connect with businesses through various channels. Thus, companies invest more in omnichannel service to engage with customers across all channels (in-store, website, social media, or live chat) to deliver an impeccable customer experience.

How can MOURI Tech Help?

Today, enterprises are focused on navigating the economic and healthcare challenges and sustaining the disruption to emerge more robust and better positioned. And firms need to analyze and pivot their operations to find newer methods to offer relevant, engaging and enriching experiences to customers.

Now is the time to ascertain the value of customer experience and the benefits of a robust strategy for any organization. Even though uncertainty continues to swirl, we believe it will fuel growth and achieve the intended outcomes for the organizations while meeting customers’ expectations.

MOURI Tech’s digital service offerings deliver credible intelligence for improved customer experience, refined sales leads, and quality conversions.

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