Hyperautomation: Driving Telco Customer Experience

Telecommunication providers transform network architectures and service offerings to cater to new and emerging markets. However, back-office processes are manual and labor-intensive with traditional and legacy systems. This typically adds time and cost to operations and heightens the potential for human error. By employing digital technologies, including robotic process automation (RPA) and cognitive automation (CA), telcos can improve the quality and efficiency of critical process functions and drive compliance modernization.

With the outbreak of COVID 19, communication networks allowed employees to work from home. Responding to the crisis, Telcos have made a fundamental shift by employing RPA to improve customer service outcomes, operations, and revenue generation. These digital advancements helped automate repetitive, rule-based tasks allowing employees to focus on higher-value areas that involved complexity and judgment-based activities with analysis of exceptions.

Telcos are heavily regulated. Failing to meet regulatory requirements results in fines and penalties for conducting business. Monitoring these high-compliance environments with specific laws, rules, regulations, and appropriate internal policy directives is essential. Leveraging RPA to execute monitoring activities, as well as other compliance-related processes, exhibits several benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Reduced complexity and human errors: 100% automation in the execution process
  • Unmatched visibility and audibility: Automated workflows provide clear visibility and improve outcomes with enhanced quality
  • Reduced costs through a 24-hour work model: An automated security posture that is available throughout remediates detects much faster than the industry standard

ATN, a leading Telecommunication provider, faced significant challenges handling customer onboarding requests, know your customer (KYC), modification of plans, transfer services, etc., during the crisis. The ongoing shift to remote work and overwhelming demand for network infrastructure and connectivity spiked the volume of requests leading to inconsistent workflows, errors, and a lack of customer satisfaction.

ATN embarked on a digital transformation journey to reduce the complexity and realize operational efficiency. As part of the transformation, ATN worked with MOURI Tech and UiPath to implement intelligent automation (IA) platform that eliminates repetitive back-office processes using robotic process automation (RPA). The program helped ATN achieve four key outcomes:

  • The quality of processing rose as chatbots achieved 90% accuracy.
  • Successfully concluded almost 98% of the transactions, including backlogs.
  • Annual savings of up to $80,000 by redeploying the existing team to focus on value creation.
  • Reduced the customer request processing time by 60%.

Watch the On-Demand Fireside Chat and discover how Intelligent Automation combined with RPA, Artificial intelligence (AI), and business process management (BPM) tools enable a new level of end-to-end automation. It orchestrates and automates the entire workflow, bridging various systems to keep operational costs down with improved quality and accuracy.

Implementing RPA and CA at scale with proper governance and deployment model streamline telecom operations and improve margins.

Get started with MOURI Tech and take automation from proof of concept to large-scale deployment. MOURI Tech has demonstrated experience doing this for Telcom clients and taking connectivity to new horizons.

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