Press Release

15-years Journey Reflections

As the Global CEO of MOURI Tech, I take pride in announcing that we have passed yet another milestone in our journey as a Global Enterprise IT Solutions provider. MOURI Tech will be celebrating 15 years of continuous growth! I would like to thank each of you for being a part of MOURI Tech family and for playing a valuable role in our incredible voyage.

The future may look uncertain in these challenging times, however, as I contemplate upon our expedition thus far, I see that MOURI Tech has never failed to overcome a new challenge and emerge stronger. In honor of our perseverance and achievement, we plan to celebrate our 15th anniversary virtually, befitting the current situation, to reflect on our past and set goals for our future.

What began in 2005 as a small firm of just a handful of people with a vision, passion and ambition, now stands tall as a global leader in Enterprise IT solutions with over 2,500 associates. We are the IT partner of choice for our customers. Our innovations, sincere efforts and honest work ethic make us stand out in a saturated, competitive marketplace. As we celebrate MOURI Tech’s 15th anniversary, I feel proud and fortunate as I reflect on our success together.

We Believed in our dreams, showed resilience, stayed steadfast, learned from our mistakes, and stood back up every time we got knocked down.

What makes MOURI Tech successful comes down to two things:

First, we dream big!  Per aspera ad astra, meaning, “through hardships to the Stars”. Our mindset of dreaming big was established at the very beginning, and over many hard-working years, our dreams manifested into goals and actionable strategies leading to success.

Second, we are powered by passion. We believed in our dreams, showed resilience, stayed steadfast, learnt from our mistakes, and stood back up every time we got knocked down. We strengthened our business through customer focus and partnerships which helped us grow organically during boom times as well as economic downturns.

Today, MOURI Tech proudly serves customers from across the globe and has established a presence on five different continents. In the process, MOURI Tech has evolved into one of the globally sought-after Enterprise IT Solutions providers. We continue to work differently than our competitors, carve out a niche for ourselves, and play a significant role in building next generation enterprise-grade IT solutions and services across many verticals. We now have reached a unique scale and level of expertise for keeping our customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Our mantra has always been: Employee First. Customer Foremost.

Our countless accomplishments since the company’s inception can be attributed to the values we set forth, which remain the pillars of our strength.

To our Customers: Thank you for trusting us and making us a leader in the industry. We are honored to have your trust and will work tirelessly to earn our place as your service provider.

To our AssociatesI am grateful for the opportunity to work with talented, dedicated, and passionate individuals each day. Your commitment to put our customers first and live up to our corporate values has been integral to MOURI Tech’s progress and success.

To our Partners: We recognize the importance of establishing long term collaborative partnerships that bring extraordinary value to both our customers and MOURI Tech. Thank you for your commitment and expertise in helping us serve hundreds of global enterprise customers in both public and private sectors.

MOURI Tech has been successful in technology evolution for the past 15 years. I am sure the future holds many challenges, but I know we have the vision, courage, passion, and perseverance to take them on and stay ahead of our competition. Whatever opportunities we seize and challenges we face, we will overcome them because we have excelled at innovating and adapting to change.

Moving forward, many great experiences await us. We will continue creating new service offerings, transforming our operations, accelerating global expansion and enhancing user experience by delivering value and thought leadership to our customers through thick and thin. I am confident that we will continue to succeed with our unwavering passion for adapting to new technologies, industries, and situations.

As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, let us make a toast to our Associates, Customers and Partners who have been instrumental in our success. Let us continue to help and support each other, reach new heights of success, and shape our future together.

Warm Regards & Best Wishes!
– Anil Yerramreddy