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Enterprises today need intelligent solutions to be available round the clock and across multiple devices. MOURI Tech’s Quick2Office is an intelligent accelerator that determines the perfect tool for secure and automated data and email migration from several sources to Microsoft 365 (Office 365). The accelerator is easily configurable and offers advanced data filtering options and migration reports to ensure seamless transfer of emails, contacts, tasks and other mailbox data to the cloud.

This is a managed service that takes a questionnaire-based approach with an interactive scoring system. For each stage and type of migration, Quick2Office has predefined templates and frameworks, reusable codes, assessment checklists, workflows, automated scripts, to reduce time-to-market to a great extent.

Quick2Office Managed Services Features that Fast-track Your Migration to Microsoft 365

Single Sign-On

A single login to access all applications available from MS Office 365

Single Bill

A single integrated bill for all the
services provided

Seamless Support

Provide 24/7 on-demand support with adherence to SLA


Provide 1 TB of storage
per user


Quickly scale service levels on a need basis, in addition to the predictable monthly cost

Supported Migration Scenarios With Quick2Office

Make the Transition Easy with Quick2Office

Choosing Quick2Office Offers Several Benefits that Help Enterprises Focus on Productivity, Growth and Better ROIs