Intranet Portal Akksello

Deliver Up-to-date Information for Enhanced Productivity

Professional productivity can undergo a paradigm shift with the right information provided at the right time. To keep our professionals always aware of the market trends and latest technologies, MOURI Tech has come up with a new enhanced dashboard for the internal network to confer upon  employees, all the latest news, announcements, messages from leadership corner, market challenges and solutions, digital innovations, etc.

Make use of the portal’s enhanced functionalities to stay ahead in the learning curve.

MOURI Tech’s Intranet Portal Akksello Features at a Glance

Improve Productivity and Learning with Unified Access to Enterprise Information and Applications

Feature Carousel


Leadership Corner

Learn and grow with the leadership

News & Announcements

Knowledge Corner


Employees Can Submit their Ideas Anytime Online Through this Portal

Holiday Calendar

Showcase important days, anniversaries, events in a dynamic way

Photo & Video Galleria

Display important images, events and activity videos in a dynamic way

Departmental Updates

Create and publish web pages having detailed information  of  various  departments.

Employee Search/Organization Tree

Ability to search employee and see contact information and department details

Leadership Corner

Learn and grow with the leadership

MOURI Tech Value Proposition


Customized B2C Grocery Store

Multiple Payment Integration (Credit card, PayPal, PO, Terms, etc.)

Apparel Store using Magento 2.0

Payment Gateway Integration (Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay)

CPQ for Car Configurator

High performance pages by enabling lazy loading, magnification

Corporate Gift Cards B2B Website

Customized B2B Accelerator for ordering gift cards, vouchers for registered users