Digital Marketing Akksello

Enhance Purpose-driven Business and Scale Up Online Sales

MOURI Tech’s Digital Marketing Akksello is a framework that reduces time to convert data to insights and action items with faster implementation for better results. The framework provides a construct to support, enhance and maximize user search experience to produce consistent, measurable, and predictable results across the brand, website, and competition. It also helps entrepreneurs and marketers to take quicker actions, be receptive to critical feedback on campaigns, and scale up the online product sales.

Make Way for Rapid Digital Marketing in One Click

MOURI Tech’s Digital Marketing Akksello Framework at a Glance


Step Up Data Collection and Aggregation

Business Objectives

The enterprise needs to adopt certain objectives to achieve its goals (potential customers), within a strategic span of time

Technical Audit & Health Check

Help enterprise’s digital performance, competitor analysis, understand usage, and find ways to improve user experience 

Competitor Analysis

Find out how competitors generate traffic and assess it, see their top content, offers and more to derive meaningful insights


Analyze the Enterprise’s Site Data in a Single Click to Present Actionable Opportunities

Time to Impact

Implement faster and exponentially reduce time-to-impact and time-to-action for digital marketing efforts to accomplish more site fixes and optimizations

Design Systems

Create a strategy based on analysis that helps business goals, relates to customers’ lifecycle, relevancy, measurability, and achieves milestones

Implement & Engage

Create processes to reach out to and engage product and services with the target audience and continue to improve everyday


Speed Up the Entire Process in Just a Click

Monitor and Measure

Analyze results and take the necessary actions to increase the return on investment (ROI)

Evaluate and Optimize

Create buyer personas that allow businesses to get to know their customers better and optimize them

MOURI Tech Value Proposition


Customized B2C Grocery Store

Multiple Payment Integration (Credit card, PayPal, PO, Terms, etc.)

Apparel Store using Magento 2.0

Payment Gateway Integration (Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay)

CPQ for Car Configurator

High performance pages by enabling lazy loading, magnification

Corporate Gift Cards B2B Website

Customized B2B Accelerator for ordering gift cards, vouchers for registered users

Reap More Benefits From Your Digital Marketing Strategies by Introducing Automation to the Process.
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