Mobile Akksello

Develop and Deploy Mobile Applications at Lightning Speed

In a fast-paced digital world, staying ahead of the competition and providing quality products to the customer is what matters the most. The speed, high-quality, lower time-to-market and impeccable service also means better ROI and additional benefits for the enterprise in return. But businesses face several challenges before attaining this stage of functioning as many organizations still depend on traditional workflow and manual effort.

Mobile Akksello by MOURI Tech can help transform and cope with such challenges when it comes to mobile application development for the workforce and business visibility on-the-go. Businesses can easily build, test, and publish iOS, android & hybrid mobile applications at pace, without compromising quality.

Take the Right Approach to Fast and Efficient Mobile App Development

Custom Code Analysis Rule Set to Meet all Required Checklist
Standardized Usage of Ready-to-go Templates
Additional Security Layer for the Mobile Application
Local Database Integration and Modular Coding
Safe and Secure Backing for Native and Cross-platform Frameworks
Offline Support i.e. Caching and Rest API-based Networking Layer
Pre-configured Google & Firebase Analytics for Monitoring Traffic
Unit Testing and Code Coverage to Extend Containerized CI/CD

Combine Responsive Framework Based on Best Practices With Process Automation

Mobile Akksello is based on battle-tested best practices in mobile designing, development, and architecture. It offers pre-configured CI/CD setup with Azure DevOps for all mobile platforms to distribute apps through App Center and release apps at pace to iOS App store and Google Play store.

MOURI Tech Value Proposition


Implemented Enterprise Search and Helped a Pharma Giant Attain Reduced Time-to-market for New Drugs

Enabling Manufacturing Companies with Intelligent Search for Smarter Insights, Improved Productivity and Cost Reduction

Create Engaging and Intuitive Mobile Applications With Enhanced Time-to-market.
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