Web Akksello

Execute High-quality Web Applications with State-of-the-art Accelerator

Enterprises are gearing up to speed up Digital Transformation journey and become future proof. MOURI Tech combines experience, technology and automation expertise, coupled with in-depth market analysis to deliver products that can easily navigate market disruptions. Enterprises across the globe can effortlessly fast-track the digital journey by leveraging MOURI Tech’s end-to-end web application development that helps elevate quality while accelerating time-to-market.

Web Akksello is a leading-edge, proprietary web application accelerator that helps enterprises align strategy and ROI post deployment. The accelerator’s toolset enables MOURI Tech deliver future-proof products in record time.

Beneficial Features of Web Akksello

Structured application with code standardization and easy installation
Global error handling mechanism for robust security and issue resolution
Provides preferred options as selection for generating applications
Preconfigured set of libraries and ready-to-use templates for quick development
Unit testing and code coverage framework scalable for further enhancements
Pre-configured Google and Firebase analytics for monitoring traffic
Effortless extending of containerized CI/CD for smooth running of applications
Flexible and scalable with rich feature-based extensions for easy implementations
Unparalleled Enterprise Benefits

Responsive Framework to Reap Matchless Opportunities

MOURI Tech Value Proposition


Implemented Enterprise Search and Helped a Pharma Giant Attain Reduced Time-to-market for New Drugs

Enabling Manufacturing Companies with Intelligent Search for Smarter Insights, Improved Productivity and Cost Reduction

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