Enterprise AI Solutions For All Your Automation Needs

Reduced Business Overheads

Enterprise AI can help getting rid of repetitive and time-consuming tasks

Platform Agnostic Tools Suitable to all Types of Businesses enterprise automation toolbox that can be leveraged to ramp up your enterprise IT

Flexible to Layer with Legacy Systems

Enable AI to your ERP, CRM, SCM, EPM like enterprise system to get more value from your IT

Transform Your Business Landscape

Enhance your business landscape through AI, ML, Deep Learning, and Data Science

Unlock the True Value of your Data from Documents with AURA DCap

Save time and money by eliminating data entry and manual steps by >96% in your document data extraction processes across the business.

AI-powered Fraud Detection Solution, Respond to Your Business Fraud and Risk Challenges

Leverage pre-trained and industry specific AI model templates to accelerate your projects, scale analysis across organization, empower your process from detection to prediction. Helps in Your Transformation Journey into a Smart Enterprise


Deep Learning

Computer Vision, Image Processing, Real-time apps, personalized user Experience


AI Application

Build and Manage a suite of AI applications that can improve your business processes


Data Science

Feature Engineering, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predictive Learning, NLP


Consulting Services

Assist in enterprise architecture planning, infrastructure and application management


Machine Learning

Data Acquisition, Modeling and Management