Performance Testing and Engineering Services

Achieve Greater Predictability and System
Performance Validation

Business applications have to be agile to offer enriching user experience through quicker processing, faster response time and provide better ROIs. Enhanced performance is the key to a digitally transformed enterprise’s success in the market and production predictability is a validation for improved application availability and performance. MOURI Tech’s Performance Testing and Engineering solution leverages automated performance testing solutions like monitoring on production, environment management, performance consulting and AI-based engineering to offer the highest predictability and performance assurance.

Our intelligent Quality Engineering & Assurance (QE&A) is redefining end-user experience by Performance Testing/Engineering solutions with intelligent and automated platform which has clearly defined processes and frameworks.

Enhancing Enterprises with Better Predictability and Smoother Performance

Our Performance Assurance Platform helps organizations with early detection and prevention of performance failures. It is best suited for various existing and new IT systems and technologies – from monolithic giants to containerized micro-services, complex integrated environments to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application suites, from legacy applications to cloud migrations.

Key Benefits of MOURI Tech’s Performance Assurance Platform

Chaos Engineering

Helps in handling Chaos / Disasters of the application in the right way (post-go-live)

Shift Left Perf Test Framework

Helps in cost savings by reducing the effort spent in Performance Test

Predictive Analytics

Helps in being better equipped to handle the future load/capacity

Workload Modeling Framework

Reduces costs by clearly defining the Non-Functional Requirement

Retail Testing Framework & Packages

Cost savings in leveraging the commonly used retail Performance Testing packaged solutions

ERP Performance Packaged Solution

Reduction in Performance Testing Scripting efforts by re-using the vanilla components of the popular ERP packages

Shift Right Monitoring Framework

Improve the performance health check of the application monitoring efforts

Apache KAFKA Framework

Helps in cost savings by re-using the Kafka Performance Testing framework with minimal setup, thereby ensuring Performance readiness

MOURI Tech’s Performance Engineering - Services Portfolio

A Wide Range of Services to Push Businesses to the Next Level of Innovation and Increased Productivity

  • Load Test
  • Stress Test
  • Spike Test
  • Endurance Test
  • Failover Test
  • Baselining & Benchmark Test
  • NFR Evaluation 
  • Front-end Analysis 
  • Code level Analysis 
  • Production Readiness Evaluation
  • Go-live Production Monitoring 
  • End-User/Real User Monitoring (EUM/RUM) 
  • Continuous Prod. Monitoring Support 
  • Chaos Engineering 
  • Capacity Planning 
  • Environment migration 
  • Environment management (On-premise/Cloud)
  • On-demand test environments 
  • Dedicated test labs 
  • Tool environments (LG’s) 
  • CI/CD Enablement 
  • NFR Assessment & Management 
  • Architecture Consulting 
  • Performance CoE Setup
  • Performance Testing Tool Consulting 
  • Migration to Cloud Assessment 
  • Predictive Analytics 
  • AI-induced Learning Models 

Tools & Partnerships

Our Performance Testing Methodology

  • Knowledge transfer from the client team
  • Application walk-through to identify critical business scenarios
  • Discover the application performance characteristics
  • Understand performance goals and define requirements
  • Tool evaluation/recommendation
  • Conduct proof of concept
  • Develop performance test strategy
  • Setup test environment
  • Define milestones, entry and exit criteria
  • Setup master data
  • Create performance test script for a single user
  • Identify & deploy monitoring tools
  • Review and customize test scripts for ‘N’ users
  • Test the scripts with sample data and ensure they pass the sanity tests
  • Execute Smoke Tests & capture Baseline Test results
  • Set up performance counters on the server
  • Conduct the identified performance test runs with defined concurrent users
  • Monitor performance test results
  • Generate raw data
  • Collect performance metrics
  • Analyze performance metrics
  • Prepare performance test report
  • Publish and review performance test reports with stakeholders
  • Obtain sign-off on all the deliverables
  • Determine the need for additional runs

MOURI Tech Value Proposition

Efficiently Eliminate Performance Failures Under Pressure and Redefine End-user Experience, Today