Robotic Process Automation

Bringing Efficiency and Intelligent Automation to Processes

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, when integrated with other emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital assistants, and Smart workflows, helps organizations gain efficiency, generate the highest value, and drive end-to-end digital transformation.

MOURI Tech RPA services help organizations deploy bots that automate all processes resulting in a more agile, productive, and high compliance environment.

Improve Operations

Mobilize resources for high-value tasks

Improve Service Quality

Reduce cycle times and offer unique experience

Improved Rate of Compliance

Monitoring, analysis, and
audit trails

Accuracy With Speed

Ride the winning streak with  improved precision and acceleration

We combine Robotic Process Automation with Machine Learning and Cognitive Technologies to Create Intelligent Tool-agnostic Solutions

Industry Leading RPA Partnership

Get that Maturity Curve in Your Automation Journey

Leverage Intelligent Automation to Generate Value from Business Processes

Hyper Automation

Learn, Tune design, Develop and deploy cognitive BOTS.


Innovation, Strategy, Governance, Business Continuity, Methodology

BOT Factory Implementation

Scalable and standardized BOTS, Affordable turn key solution


BOTS Operation Centre -24/7 maintenance and support program, Continuous Improvement

Reusable Libraries

Custom designed activities, synchronous and complex custom activities for various functions

Accelerate Your Automation Efforts

Leverage the Power of MOURI Accel –  Enterprise IT Toolkit

MOURI Tech Value Proposition


Automation saves 80% transaction process time and amplifies customer experience

Manual process of 15 minutes per transaction is transformed into automated 24x7 availability

Repetitive and complex tasks just got off and customer services are now uninterrupted

Eliminate Tedious Tasks and Automate all Processes to Focus on Higher-value Work with MOURI Tech RPA Services