Data Engineering
Get Maximum Value Out of Your Data

Get Maximum Value Out of Data

MOURI Tech Data Engineering practice has a rich blend of industry-specific and function based innovative solutions that help to deliver an insight-driven output to the customers.

As our customers come from various industries like manufacturing, supply chain, oil & gas, telecom, life sciences, consumer products and services verticals, we have extensive industry expertise which helps to deliver solutions meeting customer specific business needs.

The data and analytics services include data advisory & strategy workshops, end-to-end implementations, managed services, technology assessments/audits and thought leadership. Our expertise spans data ingestion, pipelines, curation, cleansing, feature engineering, storage/warehousing, mining, visualization & reporting.

Data Engineering Offerings

Data Visualization

Leverage enhanced KPI dashboard building, operational reporting, analytical reporting and formatted reporting

Data Quality

Helps in data validation, cleansing, transformation and integrates datasets to make them ready for further consumption

Data Governance

Provide articulated data governance framework which helps secure data and get deep insights from it

DWH & Data Lakes

Assist in preparing AI-ready data in near real time by building scalable data warehouses, virtual warehouses and data lakes

Data Ingestion

Helps in building scalable data platforms including data acquisition/Ingestion,
data quality, data preparation & data streaming

Data Engineering Tools & Technologies

Leverage Smart Data Engineering Accelerators to Run Smoother, Data-driven Processes and Strengthen the Backbone of Business

Data Engineering Services

Advisory Services

Assist in enterprise architecture, data strategy, cost reduction, cloud computing, analytics, planning and management


Best-in-class expertise in design, develop and deploy using different implementation methodologies like Activate, Agile, Waterfall etc., with out-of-the-box approach

Managed Services

Provide better cost control, improved risk management, high availability, efficiency and productivity services


Help in assessing, data & analytics, cloud readiness, dashboarding, bigdata, enterprise data management services

Thought Leadership

Bring innovations with industry-specific solutions, data governance, POCs, demos on latest technologies/tools


Get Maximum Value Out of Your Data-1

Implemented Google Cloud Platform as a Data Lake for Retail Client Which Incorporates Various Data Warehouses and Data Marts Scattered by Business Units/region

Get Maximum Value Out of Your Data-2

Proposed Snowflake as Cloud-based Data Warehouse to Overcome Performance Issues with Various On-premise Databases and Data Marts for a Giant Telecom Client

Get Maximum Value Out of Your Data-3

Helped a Leading Global Human Resources Organization Achieve TM System Automation Using Informatica Cloud

Get Maximum Value Out of Your Data-4

Implemented Integration Solution Hub for the On-premise, On-cloud Applications and Third-party Vendors Using Azure Services for a UN Agency

Meet Customer Business Needs Via Smart Data Workflows and Data Pipelines