Enterprise Integration

Grow Substantially from the Force Multiplier Effects of Enterprise Integration

The exponential growth of databases, cloud applications, endpoints, and customers demanding real-time information, aggressively pushes enterprise systems to exchange data and insights. 

As enterprises keep adopting more cloud solutions, there is a mounting growth of disparate technologies and data. Thus, Enterprise Integration has become foundational to delivering new customer experiences and services.

MOURI Tech’s Enterprise Integration software and solutions bring together the data, applications, and devices across the organization to create more responsive and agile enterprise. We facilitate the adoption of a comprehensive strategy to settle combination challenges by uniting the disparate data, device, and application integration disciplines into one consolidated effort with a single governance model. 

Achieve an Integrated Business Ecosystem for Enhanced Agility and Productivity

Streamline All Application & Data Integration Strategies

MOURI Tech leverages its expertise in and strategic alliances with following iPaaS market leaders to help simplify the integration platform selection and implementation process.

Platform Expertise

Strategic Partnership

Manage Business Like Never Before with Cloud-based Data and Enterprise Integration Solutions

  • System Evaluation
  • Integration Architecture
  • Platform Scalability
  • Risk Analysis
  • Legacy SOA Web Services
  • Monolithic App into Micro Services
  • Rip and Replace: Legacy with Modern Application
  • Decouple Legacy System with APIs
  • Replacement of other EAI Tools
  • Unlock Data from The System
  • API-led Design Approach Strategy
  • Automate Workflows and Frameworks
  • Deliver Business Processes as Reusable Services
  • On-prem to Cloud Integrations
  • Cloud to Cloud Integrations
  • On-prem to On-prem Integrations
  • Legacy Infrastructure to Public or Private Cloud
  • Private Cloud Integrations
  • Agile Integration Development
  • Reusable Integration Patterns
  • Out-of-the-box Solutions
  • Integration Testing
  • Design Solution for Optimization and Scalability of Data load
  • API and Data Integrity Security
  • Upgrade & Data Migration
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Application Deployments
  • Troubleshooting & Bug fixes

Quicken End-to-end Enterprise System Integration with Our State-of-the-art Accelerators

The MOURI Tech Advantage

Real time with API-led Architecture Integrations
Event Driven Integrations
Applications Integrations
Data Integrations
B2B Integration
API Management
Legacy System Migration
Queuing (Pub-Sub Model)
75+ Accelerators
Performance Tuning
Platform Monitoring
Platform Establishment and Admin Activities
Notification & Alerting
24/7 Support Services


Integrated SAP with Twilio & Mobile Applications for a Leading Pallet and Container Pooling Service Provider

Empowered an American Car Rental Company with MDM Data Sync through Infor CPQ and Res-Rent

Synchronized Real-time Revenue Data into MS Dynamics 365 for a Leading Global Big Kitchen Supplier

Unlock the Power of EIS and Stay Competitive Lifelong with a Connected Environment