Internet of Things

Transform Business Processes at Pace to Steer Disruption and Meet Operational Challenges

Internet of Things (IoT) signifies a system of interdependent intelligent devices with unique identifiers capable of transferring data via the internet without any manual intervention.

The IoT can bring immense value to enterprises, enabling them to connect all things, people, and environments, unlocking tremendous organizational value, agility, and scalability. MOURI Tech specializes in intelligent AI-augmented solutions that fast-track the vision of attaining a connected operations architecture.


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MOURI Tech Methodology

With a constant focus on delivery to realize benefits, organizations cannot invest in large economic rewards from capitalizing on emerging technologies to unlock organizational value by bringing in agility and scalability.

MOURI Tech specializes in the utilization of the latest technology (distributed ledger – enterprise blockchain & smart contracts, BOTS, integration tools, IoT robotics, AI, VR, cloud offerings, open-source technologies solutions) that fast-track the vision towards fitment of use and unlock the potential of Emerging Technology for long term organization benefit.


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Fit to organization (enterprise security standards, IT governance process/legal compliance, etc.)

Identify Approved POVs to Deliver Solution for Wider Adoption to Derive Long-term Value Creation Using MOURI Tech's Delivery Practice
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