Microsoft Azure

Migrate to a Scalable, Agile, and Collaborative Environment for Enhanced Productivity

Enterprises today need technology to gain speed, scalability, flexibility and be available round the clock and across multiple devices. MOURI Tech’s Azure cloud offerings provide agility, value-adding communication 24/7, enabling easy data access to stakeholders with robust data security.

Be it on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud or at the edge, get future-ready and safe cloud solutions with our comprehensive offerings. Our solutions help bring together infrastructure, application, and security on a single platform and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

MOURI Tech's Azure Service Offerings

Accelerate  the Cloud Implementation and Migration Journey


Assessment of existing on-premise architecture and planning for optimized Cloud Architecture using Cloud Services


Procurement, Subscription planning, Service provisioning, and billing services. Also, MSRP offerings


On-premise Infra migration to Cloud. Managing the OS and Runtime in the cloud platform. Database migration & Active Directory on Cloud


Re-engineering, Rewriting, Refactoring and rehosting the mobile and web applications on cloud


DevOps advisory, management, implementation, and integration services using our DevOps framework


24/7 annual maintenance support for apps and infrastructure, including monitoring and backup services

Azure Implementation Offerings from MOURI Tech

AI+ML, Analytics, Compute, Database, Development, Identity/Security, IOT/MR, Integration, Management Governance, and Media


Azure DevOps, Cosmos DB and API Management elevate the building, testing, and deploying experience with better database and API management


Through Azure AD and Azure CDN, improve internal and external user engagements along with accelerated content delivery


Harness the power of automation for quicker collaboration and augmented experience with Azure Logic apps, Azure BOTs, and Virtual machines


With Azure Backup and Site Recovery, get flexible and robust built-in disaster recovery, SQL workloads and Virtual machine backups

Boost Unique Business Process and Objectives
To Earn Better Results

MOURI Tech Value Proposition


Automated all Processes Related to Payroll & Revenue using Azure for a US-based Parking Solutions Provider

Designed and Developed DEWALT Design Assist (DDA) Product for a Fortune 500 American Tools Manufacturer

Stay Connected, Easily Collaborate and Generate Next-gen Solutions.
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