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Nurture The Best Talent for a
Productive Business Via Applicant
Tracking Automation

The talent pool is one of the critical requirements for organizations to achieve an agile, scalable and successful business. With an ‘Employee First. Customer Foremost’ approach, MOURI Tech recognizes the value a high-performing professional can bring in. To address this requirement, we have developed a state-of-the-art accelerator MOURI ProTalent. This AI-powered Applicant Tracker automates the resume filtering through iRPA and identifies only the candidates that suit the job description criteria.

Automate Applicant Tracking with MOURI ProTalent

Filtering the resumes for a talent requirement is still a tedious process for enterprises. Recruitment teams spend a lot of time resume screening and filtering for a particular job posting. To avoid this, enterprises have begun exploring automation of the Resume Scoring process. As the screening process is the most important step in picking the right talent, automation decreases manual efforts and increases the accuracy of profile filtering.

Quantifiable Benefits of Applicant Tracking and Resume Screening to Get the Best Talent Pool

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Technology Components Used to Achieve a Streamlined Process

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