Project Management Office

On Time. Within Budget. Achieved.

Project Management Office (PMO) helps organizations become future-ready by providing the teams, tools, partners and a strategic vision.

MOURI Tech has PMO as a Center of Excellence (CoE) that ensures a consistent approach to project management, leads to improved project performance and significant business benefits.

MOURI Tech’s PMO Centre of Excellence: Focused on Future

Experience earned over the past decade reiterates the belief that success of PMO lies in the ability to align itself well with the organizational strategy.

How Can MOURI Tech Help?

Collaborate with a reliable and experienced partner who can guarantee an optimal working of your PMO. Go for the motto ‘PMO as a Service’. Get inspired by the outsourcing principle, to help customers successfully support PMO and/or deliver projects on time. All because the recruitment is right.

The Project Management Goodie Bag

MOURI Tech’s PMO-as-a-Service

Evaluate business health in-depth, checking for :

Project Management Methodologies

Selecting the right methodology is a vital step to execute and bring success to any project. Glancing at some popular project management methodologies (PMMs) in practice today, it is important to note more than one methodology (a hybrid) can be adapted to a project:

A single process may not work for all business models, sizes or industries. MOURI Tech’s expertise in Project Management helps clients understand the suitability of a methodology based on circumstances and privilege of moving forward with the right one. Presently, Agile is being utilized almost everywhere virtually. With its short development cycles called sprints to focus on continuous improvement and development of a product or service, it is a superhit already.

Project Management Steps

Project managers are expected to possess seven primary skills – leadership, motivation, communication, organization, prioritization, problem-solving ability, and adaptability. At the outset project managers help organizations set expectations and strive to achieve on-time, on-budget, and goal-based project delivery

Gain Strategic Management by Focusing on Stakeholder Engagement and, Innovation