Healthcare And Life sciences

Digitalizing Life Sciences & Healthcare for Better Outcomes

The pandemic has re-aligned major industries to suit the changed business scenario, and life sciences has taken the front seat in this drive. Rising regulatory pressures, ever-changing technology, the urge to innovate, and skyrocketing costs are some of the reasons behind this shift.

MOURI Tech’s robust Digital Transformation Platform with a plethora of services ranging from drug discovery and clinical trials to supply chain management has been instrumental in supporting research with convenience and accuracy.

Count on us in the journey to accelerate the drug discovery process thru enhanced Patient management, quality-centric automation, and enterprise-level operations management. MOURI Tech’s enhanced AI and Analytics driven platform is the coveted cure-all for Life Sciences!

Redefining The Way Healthcare Gets Transformed, Digitally

Technology Offerings

Service Approach

Healthcare Technology Focus

  • Clinical cloud capabilities
  • Healthcare analytics
  • Digital marketing
  • System integration services

IT-enabled Services

  • Investigator payments
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Clinical data management
  • SAS programming and statistical analysis

Operations Transformation

  • Digital PMO
  • High-performance contact centers
  • Lab optimization (workforce and change management)

Faster, More Precise Access to Interactive and Real-time
Life Sciences Data and Healthcare Data


Digital Healthcare Management Platform/Solutions

Digital Clinical Trials Platform

Laboratory Information Management Systems

Healthcare and Insurance Management

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