Making the Telecom Environment Resilient and Agile with Innovative Solutions

Today, telecommunications service providers (TSPs) face a significant disruption due to changing consumer behaviors and rising over-the-top (OTT) services. The pandemic has tested consumers, businesses, and communities across the world. 

MOURI Tech equips global organizations with state-of-the-art digital solutions and propels their digital transformation journey. Our data engineers and AI thought leaders extend intelligent solutions to help TSPs recover and look beyond for greater possibilities and opportunities. 

MOURI Tech offers intelligent solutions and business operating models to enterprises of all shapes and sizes through our strategic partnership with global technology giants coupled with our platforming and consultation-led approaches. 

Scale Up Beyond Imagination With
AI-powered Solutions

MOURI Tech Offerings

Cloud Services

Cloud enablement will serve as a strategic growth engine for Telco organizations fostering faster innovations, increased responsiveness, employee empowerment, and improved economics.

Data and Analytics

Unified view of data across all departments results in better business flow and helps optimize network usage and services, enhance security, customer experience, and increase ROI.

IoT Services

Better asset management and remote monitoring of business functions facilitate faster firmware upgrades, malfunction rectification and gain unlimited agility and scalability.

ERP solutions

A customized ERP system helps enterprises cut costs, provide better customer insights, achieve higher data security, a deep understanding of all functions, and seamless controls.

Robotics-led Digital Managed Services

Automation offers instant report generation, chatbot, smarter query resolution, structured workflow, end-to-end process mapping, competitor research, real-time dashboards, etc.

Digital transformation

Digitization and modernization aid in superior project planning, portfolio management, customer and employee onboarding, user experience, and overcoming NextGen challenges.

Cyber Security

Enterprises can scale up radically to protect their resources and customer data, detect threats, prevent cyber-attacks, ransomware, and plan recovery steps.

Sales and customer service modernization

Host, recommend, sell, and maintain traditional and digital products through digital sales services and CRM. Enhance the pace and simplicity of any business flow.

MOURI Tech Value Proposition


A Leading North American Telecom Giant Leveraged MOURI Tech’s Expertise to Build Its Exclusive E-wallet for the Customers

MOURI Tech Helped a Global Telecom Giant with ServiceNow Enhancements and Integrations

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