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Pilot New Age of Media With the Power of AI and Advanced Analytics

Transforming the Media Business Landscape

Over the last few years, there has been a significant evolution in all aspects of the media & entertainment industry, from production technologies to end-consumer viewing patterns. The transformation has led to global entertainment, offering unique experiences and effective distribution models to stay highly competitive. We thrive on supporting the digital revolution in the media and entertainment industry.

Advanced Technologies Paving the Way

On the content creation front, new technologies like Metaverse, 3D volumetric capture, cloud, virtual production, remote production, and post-production works have accelerated over the last couple of years, leading to a need for supporting technologies and specialized resources. We at MOURI Tech bring the right product and skills to build a seamless technology framework that enables content creators to foster engaging matter without worrying about the underlying technology needs.

The consumer dynamics changed with a dramatic rise in the screen time for the baby boomers and Gen Alpha. The broadcasters must adjust the content appropriately. This calls for an overhaul of content distribution technologies, content curation, discoverability, and consumer analytics. Leveraging AI/ML for the above is key to generating a better consumer experience and higher ARPU.


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