Quality Assurance to Intelligent Quality Engineering – A Paradigm Shift

Growing demand for product quality and release acceleration challenges have pushed enterprises to the right capabilities. Software quality assurance has become an integral part of the development process. It has adopted ‘Shift Left’ and ‘Shift Right’ methodologies to ensure continuous testing and delivery for adapting to change and executing faster releases.

Evolution of Testing Capabilities

The advent of DevOps, CI/CD, and agile development processes has significantly changed the quality assurance/quality engineering process. Technology dependency has led to the increased complexity of mobile applications and IoT devices, making it imperative for testers to know real-time scenarios and identify defects effectively. Continuous delivery and testing emphasize adjoining alliance with DevOps teams to ensure faster releases through test automation initiatives and shifting QA efforts towards quality assurance by distancing silos.

This shift assures integrating quality into the overall development lifecycle. It has also led to a new role of Software Developer in Test (SDET) accountable for constructing test infrastructure, diagnosing new test scope, and defining quality criteria. Quality engineering goes beyond quality control, quality assurance, and testing capabilities. It is proactive, strategic, forward-looking, strategic, intuitive, and has a more extensive scope than QA.

As a customer-centric organization, MOURI Tech focuses on understanding customer needs to provide the right solution and service model.

– Mayuri Darabastu
Associate Director RPA-Intelligent Quality Engineering, MOURI Tech

The keys to an overarching objective are workforce transformation and adapting to the shift: Rethink testing as a service. At MOURI Tech, we took to upstream testing leveraging ‘Shift Left’ and ‘Shift Right’ approach to ensure the performance and usability of applications. We enabled continuous monitoring and feedback mechanisms to emphasize the need to incorporate ongoing feedback and constant integration during the development lifecycle.

Over time, IQE has helped us enable automation frameworks and achieve shorter test cycles for better quality to the folds of regression testing. With IQE, the testing unit assumes greater responsibility to manage and maintain CI/CD pipelines to ensure the code keeps moving through the pipeline, work closely with all developers, operations teams, and product owners, and deep eye scoping the automation. This way, we have been committed to devising strategies to provide timely solutions for critical customer problems.

Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Capabilities

With a relentless pursuit of delivering excellence, the team has continued to enhance capabilities and implementing new tools and technologies through strategic partnerships. The partnership with Tricentis works fundamentally in a different way to tackle software testing. It noticeably accelerates digital transformation, application delivery, and cloud migration. It steps up the digital transformation efforts of enterprises with an AI-driven, end-to-end testing and automation platform.

Through the Tricentis SAP partnership capabilities, we enable enterprises using SAP solutions to achieve faster updates through continuous testing solutions. Resulting in Faster innovation, smoother upgrades, and better business outcomes. Here are key benefits:

  • 10x faster testing
  • 90% risk reduction
  • 50% lower costs

Industry Insights


During the pandemic, we have had an increasing demand from the evolving telecom companies to work on various challenges, including:

  • Existing service upgrades
  • Automation of Customer Onboarding/Offboarding
  • Achieving a cost-efficient network management solution
  • Comparing budget scenarios against actual revenue or expenses
  • Creating forecasts based on all scheduled invoices and booked deals

Banking Industry

MOURI Tech has implemented IQE solutions for several customers in the banking sector. Here are a few highlights:

  • Robotic Process Automation for Account Opening, KYC verification without the requirement for a client to visit the branch
  • Overseeing large volumes of Claims Data Processing through automation. We helped organizations verify customer details and claims via chatbots, messaging platforms, emails, and transforming into structured data that offer deep insights
  • Paycheck Protection by employing intelligent bots that help banks and financial institutions to fast-track the process of giving required funds to small & private venture clients

Future Outlook

As IQE drives into the new realm of the digital world, the business will be evolving alongside, breaking down barriers, and creating a new kind of borderless enterprise. Conducting business at the pace required in the economies of tomorrow means involving all the stakeholders across the enterprise and enabling zero-delay decisions. Through intelligent quality engineering, we will continue to align our efforts to creating interconnected multidisciplinary design teams, including a mixed design of engineers, business clients, and end customers, that can focus on genuinely meeting enterprise needs.

About Mayuri Darabastu: Associate Director RPA-Intelligent Quality Engineering, MOURI Tech

Mayuri Darabastu is an accomplished leader who is passionate about product quality and automation. Mayuri has proven capability and demonstrated expertise in innovation & transformation, with disruptive thought leadership. She brings more than 14 years of experience in creating next-gen solutions in Digitization, Process Excellence using RPA, AI/ML, Analytics, and other technologies.

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